Areas of Practice

Civil Litigation

Our litigation department offers skillful and professional representation to match your litigation needs. We are uncompromising in achieving our client’s goals through the use of thorough research and innovative strategies and case management.

Intellectual Property

Our experience in IP laws covers: Copyrighting, Industrial design, Patents, and laws governing Entertainment.

Estate Planning and Administration

We provide a comprehensive array of estate solutions, including but not limited to drafting wills; applications for grant of probate/administration; challenging fictitious wills etc..

Labour Law and Industrial Relations

It is important to understand what rights and protections are available to you within the workplace. We boast extensive experience in representing both employers and employees to settle grievances that may arise within the workplace.

Corporate & Commercial Law

Our services are targeted to companies and individuals who require business-related legal services. We take the complexity out of navigating the business landscape by providing a raft of services tailor-made to suit your organization’s needs.

Tax Litigation

Our experience in Taxation and Tax laws covers: Corporate tax, Income tax, General consumption tax (GCT), Stamp duties and transfer tax, and Tax litigation.

Bankrupcy & Insolvency

Our experience in Bankruptcy and Insolvency covers: Receivership, Liquidation and winding-up, and Corporate asset recovery.

Immigration Law

Collectively, we possess a wealth of experience as it relates to assisting our clients with difficult immigration issues. Our services include, but are not limited to, immigration, naturalization and citizenship.

Criminal Litigation

Our experience in Criminal Law Trials covers: Proceeds of crime, Serious fraud, Murder/Manslaughter, and other Miscellaneous criminal matters.

Commercial Law

Our experience in Commercial and Corporate Legal Matters covers: Contract for sale of goods and services, Shareholders agreement, Agency agreement, Competition and fair trading issues, Partnership agreement, and matters of Company Registrations.

Shipping Law

Our experience in Shipping Law covers: the Arrest of ships, Bills of lading, Charter parties, Salvaging, and Logistics and transportation.

Family Law

This area of law includes divorce, spousal abuse, child abuse, custody of children, annulment, maintenance and property settlement, etc. Our team is prepared to protect your interests with these and other related issues.

Sports Law

Our attorneys have competently and satisfactorily represented several high profile athletes, managers and entities within the local sporting arena. Our services include legal advice on contracts, work permits, right of publicity, securities and insurance and the management of individuals.

Personal Injury

We provide representation in circumstances where you may have been injured, physically or psychologically, as a result of the negligence of another person, company or government agency. In each of these cases, if the accident is caused by someone’s negligence the injured party may be entitled to monetary compensation.

Real Estate Law

If you are interested in purchasing, selling, transferring or otherwise dealing with property we provide a full range of services to suit your needs.

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