Letter to Barbara Miller

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Mrs. Barbara Miller
Graduate Studies and Research
The University of the West Indies
Kingston 7


Dear Mrs. Miller,


I write with the intention of regularizing my graduate status.

My student identification number is 87114480 and I was formally registered as a part time post graduate student pursuing an M.Phil degree in Government.

On April 7, 2006 you would have received a letter from Professor Stephen Vasciannie, then Head of the Department of Government which stated, and I quote in part;

‘Delano Franklyn has applied to have his M.Phil status in the Department of Government upgraded to PhD status, and has done so with the support of his supervisor, Professor Trevor Munroe. This is to indicate that the Department raises no objection to the application for an upgrade of Senator Franklyn’s status to that of PhD candidate.’

Thereafter, I became heavily engaged in public service related activities, resulting in my research work been put on hold. This I did without formally informing the Department of Graduate Studies and Research.

Having been relieved of the responsibilities of public office and having consulted with Professor Munroe, I am now ready to reactivate my student status in order to continue my post graduate work.

Your usually helpful advice is once again being solicited.


Yours faithfully,


Delano Franklyn J.P.


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